31 minutes | Oct 20, 2021

Jacob Helberg on why the new weapons of war are everyday technologies

On this special episode of POWER PLAYS, Jacob Helberg from Stanford University's Center on Geopolitics and Technology introduces listeners to the global tech-fueled struggle between the U.S.-led democracies and China-led autocracies that is redefining international politics. The stakes of this "Gray War", as Helberg terms it in his new book THE WIRES OF WAR, are high and time is running out for America to address and win this war. If China reaches a point of self-sufficiency and what Helberg describes in the show as "escape velocity", it will be too late for the U.S. to prevent China from achieving its political vision of a more autocratic world safe for the Chinese Communist Party. A transcript of today's conversation can be found online: https://www.powerplays.xyz/podcast/s2-e9 Disclaimer: Simon & Schuster provided POWER PLAYS with an advance copy of THE WIRES OF WAR prior to its publication to inform this interview. However, this is not a sponsored episode.
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