65 minutes | Jun 23, 2020

Jim Berline // The Art of Competitive Advantage

From a two-sport athlete at the University of Michigan to a two-time U.S. Grand Master squash champion, Jim Berline has always been competitive. It was this competitiveness that helped to jumpstart Jim’s career in marketing. Eventually, this led him to become the youngest vice president and senior vice president at two highly regarded marketing communication and advertising agencies. Yet, it was Jim’s drive and passion that sparked the start of BERLINE, Jim’s own agency in Michigan, that he operated for some time before simultaneously working for an established shop in New York City. After deciding to focus solely on his own company, BERLINE has proudly served its clients for nearly 40 years. Throughout his journey, Jim has gained an abundance of experience and a plethora of wisdom that he kindly gifts in this episode.
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