25 minutes | Jul 8, 2020

Greg Thompson // The Art of Breaking an Artist

As the visionary and ingenious leader who developed numerous global superstars including Katy Perry, Sam Smith, and Madonna, Greg Thompson has revolutionized the music landscape. Starting his career in the music business as a young college student, Greg spent over 30 years acquiring industry knowledge and experience that enabled him to move up the chain of command at various record labels. Looking to progress the industry and make an even bigger impact, Greg decided to transition from record labels to the management side of the business. Through his innovative creativity, keen intelligence, and passion-driven leadership, Greg joined Maverick Music as the company’s first-ever President. Tasked with leading one of the most powerful management conglomerates in the world, Greg continues to positively shape and refashion the music scene through Maverick’s music enterprise of influential managers and impressive artists.
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