35 minutes | May 21, 2019

Getta1Games with Tim Walsh

Tri-Bond, Piggy Pile Up, Balancing Bees, Mad Gab, Blurrt - My honored guest this week has been involved in the development of hundreds of games selling over 7 million copies in over 15 countries!  A game guy to his core, Tim Walsh is also the co-producer of the documentary Operation: Operation which uncovers the story of Operation inventor John Spinello. He partnered with Reyn Guyer to write Right Brain Red: 7 Ideas for Creative Success and authored Timeless Toys which chronicles the experiences of over 70 toy inventors and their inventions.   Join us today as I ask him about his early experiences launching Tri-Bond. We discuss his passion and efforts in promoting the toy inventor community. Tim contrasts his experiences in toys and publishing. We talk about how great toys typically break a rule and we share stories of how successful toy and game ideas can come from anywhere.   www.getta1games.com   Join us for this fun and insightful conversation!  
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