53 minutes | Jul 2, 2019

Dan Klitsner on Inventing, Licensing and Bop It™

Can a pizza shaped TV remote become a smash toy sensation? We answer that question and more in this week's episode with Dan Klitsner! Dan is the founder and creative director of the toy inventing and licensing firm KID Group. He and his team have invented some of today’s most successful electronic games and interactive toys!   In our discussion we cover his early career and the formation of KID Group. I ask him to take us back to the early days of his invention Bop It™ and walk us through that experience. We discuss his focus on creating items that get the player up and moving and why that is important. I ask him to unpack his invention philosophy “R.I.T.E" ( Relationship, Idea, Timing, Execution) which helps him know when his concepts are ready for prime time!   Dan thank you for the thoughtful discussion and providing immense value to all the Power Kids!   Everyone enjoy the show and as always thank you for the good reviews!
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