63 minutes | Mar 31st 2020

The Perks and Pitfalls of Working from Home with Dr Joe Sweeney

Is working from home working for you? Are you running staff meetings from your kitchen? Home schooling in the lounge? Have you discovered your partner’s ‘work persona’ - a side you’ve never seen before? And is your dining table still there, beneath the laptops, monitors, notebooks and files? Working from home, once the ultimate office-worker perk, is rapidly becoming a major wellbeing challenge as we’re thrust into a new world, largely unprepared. In today’s conversation I ask Dr Joe Sweeney, industry analyst for digital workforce innovation, policy and education and a researcher in workforce transformation to share his tips and insights into working and schooling from home. Joe has worked for a fully distributed (remote) work-from-home organisation for the past 16 years and successfully home-schooled his son. He is currently advising employers on establishing simple, effective work from home policies, tailored to employer and employee needs during this global pandemic. Joe knows what works and what doesn’t and in this episode he shares his knowledge and advice from both a strategic and a practitioner’s perspective. In this conversation Joe and I discuss:What employers and employees should keep in mind as many of us transition abruptly to working from home.His tips for working well and keeping well when working from home, including workspace needs, work life balance and keeping psychologically well.Home schooling - what works and what doesn’t, how to juggle it all and where to turn for help.What the working world might look like, post COVID-19.Joe is a fantastic podcast guest; smart, insightful, thoughtful, practical and entertaining. He is generous with his tips and recommendations and he’ll get you thinking, whether you’ve made the move to working from home or your an employer suddenly responsible for a distributed workforce. Listen in to learn. For a full transcript, guest profile, expert tips and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit potential.com.au/podcast or join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
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