64 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

Job Crafting and Creating More Meaning in Work with Cassandra Dunn

Today's podcast guest is the energetic Cassandra Dunn. Cass is a clinical & coaching psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is also a podcaster, author, online course creator, speaker and workshop facilitator. In this episode, Cass and I talk about the importance of job satisfaction for our happiness and how we can craft our work circumstances to increase our fulfilment without having to make a major career change.We also discuss:The origin story behind Cass's hugely successful podcast "Crappy to Happy"Real life tools and strategies that we can use to move from crappy to fundamentally happyWhat does living according to your values mean and how does that help us live more authentically and feel more fulfilled?How changing our perception of work or changing the scope of what we do can help us feel happier about our current jobHow to incorporate play and creative elements to invigorate your job and become more engaged in your workCass's book, Crappy to Happy: Love What You DoCass is the vibrant host of the Crappy to Happy podcast. It has consistently ranked in the Top 5 health and wellbeing podcasts on Apple Podcasts since it launched and has been downloaded MILLIONS of times! It's been featured in Apple Podcast’s Best of 2018 list, iTunes “Influencers” category in February 2019 and was iTunes Number 1 in the “Inspiring Women” category for International Women’s Day, March 2019. The show is available on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.Cass has also authored the Crappy to Happy book trilogy. The books detail simple steps to live your best life, find meaning in your work, and build stronger relationships. She also offers online programs, retreats, and workshops for anyone who is ready to take action towards living their happiest and most meaningful life.Cass has very generously given all our Potential Psychology Podcast listeners 15% OFF on all of her books and online programs. To avail of this great deal, go to cassdunn.com, pick the books and programs you'd like to explore, and use the promo code POTENTIAL at checkout.Where to find Cass on Social Media:TwitterFacebookInstagramCass's books and programs:Crappy to Happy booksCass's online servicesAlso mentioned in this episode...Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine EvaristoEllen facilitating the Arts & Culture Ballarat 'Creative Block' panel. It all went well!
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