48 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

Finding Antifragility in a World Afraid of Failure

“As complex adaptive systems, it’s actually struggle that helps us thrive.”I am so pleased to be joined in this episode by Dr. Paige Williams to chat about her work in learning and teaching others about resilience and becoming ‘antifragile’. Paige is an incredible author who just released her new book, Becoming AntiFragile: Learning to Thrive Through Disruption and Challenge.In her career, Paige has honed her focus on resilience and helps others to become antifragile leaders. She is both a captivating conference speaker and leadership development program specialist that insights change and cultivates resiliency in leaders. Paige also shares her passion for resiliency by continuing her research as an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology and teaching at Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne.After the recent release of Becoming AntiFragile, Paige is delighted to share her vast psychological knowledge of resiliency and what it means to be antifragile.In my conversation with Paige, we cover:· What is means to be ‘antifragile’.· How she believes being antifragile will help us through the Coronavirus pandemic.· Finding resiliency through a combination and balance of thriving and struggling.· The R.O.B.U.S.T. Principles and why they are important to becoming antifragile.· How antifragility translates in professional spaces and personal life.In my interview with Paige she provides clear insight into her research of resiliency and the best ways to shift from fragility to being antifragile. Paige’s wisdom and ability to articulate her powerful perspective is inspiring and beneficial in harnessing resiliency in daily life.Tune in to learn how to become antifragile to achieve resilience in every aspect of life.For a full transcript, guest profile, expert tips and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit potential.com.au/podcast or join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or TwitterEXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND A BECOMING ANTIFRAGILE MASTERCLASS WITH PAIGE Website: https://drpaigewilliams.com/book/Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1922357081If you purchase the book on Tuesday 28th July you have the opportunity to win a seat at an exclusive online Becoming AntiFragile Masterclass hosted by me. To enter the draw send proof of purchase of the book to: antifragile@drpaigewilliams.com
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