70 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

Facing Your Fears and Learning to Grow with Dr Patricia Zurita Ona

My guest today is a licensed clinical psychologist from sunny California. Dr Patricia Zurita Ona, fondly known as Dr. Z, is talking to us about overcoming the challenges of fear-based responses, an experience she knows well. Growing up in Bolivia in the midst of a dictatorship, she understood at a early age what it meant to be shaped by fear. This lead to her passionately pursuing her practice, helping others to overcome anxiety and trauma.In our conversation, Dr Z and I explore the questions:What are fear-based reactions, and how do they shape us?Why do we get stuck and find it hard to change our safety seeking patterns?What is perfectionist behaviour and how we can use it in a more functional, helpful, and workable way?How we can learn to be more flexible, mindful and adaptive?Dr Patricia Zurita Ona gives us a few tips and tools to reshape our fear based thinking and make incremental but important improvements to achieve personal growth.Tune in to learn how to face your fears, get unstuck and fulfill your potential.
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