64 minutes | Nov 11th 2020

Exploring the Complex Power of Physical Intelligence with Dr. Scott Grafton

Do you move your body to improve your mind?We are all aware the mind and body connection and how one affects the other, but this connection goes well beyond common cliché. Movement actually affords us a host of physical and neurological benefits that can help us make better decisions, keep physically fit and stay psychologically sound.Today's special guest on the podcast is neuroscientist, neurologist, and esteemed author, Dr. Scott Grafton. He joins us from sunny California.In this insightful episode, Scott and I explore:What is Physical Intelligence?Why the mind and body connection is not merely a metaphorThe wonders of the human body and how wonderfully designed we areHow our brain benefits from movementCool stuff about advancements in the engineering fields with regard to movementThe concept of 'optic flow' and the profound difference between physical engagement in complex environments versus exerciseThe importance of body identityThe impact of fatigue and perseverance on mood and choice.Scott is a distinguished professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara and is director of UC Santa Barbara’s Brain Imaging Center. He uses his personal experience, camping and hiking around California’s High Sierra region to write the highly illuminating book, "Physical Intelligence: The Science Of Thinking Without Thinking."If you enjoyed and learned something from this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast, please give us a rating and leave a review at https://reviewthispodcast.com/Potential. We appreciate your support!
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