68 minutes | Feb 3rd 2021

Developing the Indomitable Gift of Compassion with Dr. Stan Steindl

We all struggle at times with our relationships, in parenting, at work. We all get sad, stressed and worried. We might feel lonely or isolated. We might feel fear, guilt or shame. These are all forms of suffering, much of which comes from rumination, self-criticism and the complex work of our minds. The good news is that we can alleviate much of this suffering by uncovering our Compassionate Self - the key to a healthier mental life.Today's guest is an expert in compassion, Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Author of the insightful and beautifully written book: "The Gifts of Compassion: How to understand and overcome suffering", Dr Stan Steindl.In this episode, Stan gives us a starting point to understanding compassion and guides us through discovering our most compassionate selves.Join us today as we answer the following questions:What do we mean by compassion?What is the difference between empathy and sympathy as interpersonal skills?Why understanding suffering is the key to unlocking our most "compassionate selves"Identifying fears, blocks, and resistance to open yourself up to receiving self-care and self compassionHow self criticism disguises itself as self challenge with short term benefits but is actually counterproductiveWhat is shame and how is it relevant in self compassion?The difference between shame and guiltUsing imagery to learn about and develop your most compassionate selfWhere can you find Stan:https://psychologyconsultants.com.au/team/dr-stan-steindl/YouTube (Compassion in a T-Shirt)https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCujCvGkc_TFF7KmA0Sk4E7ASoundCloud (The Compassion Initiative with James Kirby)https://soundcloud.com/jamesn-kirby(please add links to Stan's social media, see guest tab)Dr. Stan Steindl's book:https://www.australianacademicpress.com.au/books/details/336/The_Gifts_of_Compassion_How_to_understand_and_overcome_sufferingOther resources mentioned in this episode:About Compassion Focused Therapy - https://positivepsychology.com/compassion-focused-therapy-training-exercises-worksheets/Link and abstract for the meta-analysis on the effectiveness of compassion-based interventionshttps://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0005789417300667Link to my coaching services on the web site please :-)
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