44 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

Demystifying Sleep with Siobhan Banks

Do you have conversations about sleep in your workplace? Do you know what shift work, working across time zones or catching up on work into the night can do to your safety, productivity and wellbeing? Ever wondered about the strategic use of caffeine and naps to mitigate the risks of interrupted sleep?Today's guest on the Potential Psychology Podcast is a researcher and the Co-Director of the Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre at the University of South Australia, Professor Siobhan Banks. We're talking about a topic that might interest you because, despite the fact that it has been a huge part of the universal human experience and is a favourite activity for many of us, sleep remains one of science's greatest mysteries. Siobhan will help explore and explain the mysteries of sleep and its significant role in health and wellbeing.In this episode, we discuss:Why sleep is important to our wellbeing and how we function.How much sleep do we really need and how do we know if we are indeed getting enough?What are the impacts of sleep deprivation and why is it dangerous?Sleep, wellbeing, and work performance.How to mitigate the risks of unavoidable sleep issues created by shift work.Caffeine, napping, and other strategies to manage the effects of shift work on sleep.Siobhan has done extensive research on the impact of inadequate sleep on cognitive performance and health. She has more than 100 published works on sleep and fatigue,Where can you find Siobhan:(insert links to social media)Resources mentioned in this episode:National Sleep FoundationPotential Psychology Podcast Episode 038: Sleeping Well with Dr Kate SprecherEllen Jackson on how mindset and personality impact your life admin: LifeAdmin LifeHacks PodcastPositive LeadershipPracticing Positive Leadership
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