36 minutes | Mar 19th 2018

E8: Obscure Postboxes, Nellie Bly and How to Drive a Postcardist Crazy

This week I talk to Justine Burt, who is a filmmaker, historian and itinerant traveler. The conversation starts with a story of Justine's discovery of an obscure postbox on a far-flung island. Which leads us to talking about other postboxes, how mail gets delivered, and where Justine has found postcards in her travels around the world.

Speaking of around the world, we talk about Nellie Bly, the investigative journalist, who in 1889 traveled around the world in 72 days. Did she send postcards? Let's find out.

We also talk about the messaging in postcards and cook up a business idea based on a "Wish You Were Here" message.

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The Isle of Harris 

Nellie Bly

Postboxes from Around the World