8 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

3 Kinds of Positive Self-Talk - Which is Best?

In this episode you discover the 3 kinds of positive self-talk and when to use each of those patterns.The 3 patterns are:- Ability Self-Talk;- Effort Self-Talk; and,- Expectation Self-Talk.Discover the differences and why one of these three would typically NOT be used in most task oriented activities or situations.Timestamps:00:00 - Episode intro and topic;00:23 - Show and host info;01:12 - Purpose of show;01:40 - What is self-talk & why it matters?;02:32 - 3 kinds of positive self-talk;03:21 - Which positive self-talk pattern should you use?;06:39 - Article in show notes;06:55 - How to contact host with questions or comments;07:09 - Follow / subscribe where you get your podcasts.—Article referenced in episode:“How to Challenge Negative Self-Talk”;Article link: https://psychcentral.com/lib/challenging-negative-self-talk?—Host:Stephen Carter, CEO Stress Solutions, LLC - https://www.EFT-MD.com.Contact email: CarterMethod@gmail.com.—Technical information:Recording and first edits done with Twisted Wave. Additional edits using Audacity. Leveled with Levelator. Final edits and rendering done with Hindenburg Journalist Pro.Microphone: BY—Key words:self-talk, negative self-talk, positive self-talk, success, achieve, achievement, wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, subconscious, mind,
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