35 minutes | Oct 11, 2015

35: Front Porch Ideas-Why Foundations May Crack

Our guest Moises Cruz, Principal Engineer for A-1 Engineering, talks to us about foundation performance for buildings, including porches and decks.  He helps to clear up some misconceptions about cracks in your foundation and also talks about the steps you need to take if you want to upgrade your open porch to an enclosed porch or addition to your home. You will learn: - Why homeowners should keep tabs of the condition of their homes and where the cracks are - Why a foundation crack does not necessarily mean something is wrong - The reasons that foundations crack - and it's not the foundation's fault! - When you should call a Structural Engineer to diagnose issues with your foundation - Several of the ways foundations are repaired - One of the best things you can do if you're going to upgrade your porch to an enclosed porch - Why the materials and quality of foundations for a porch are as important as the foundation for your home - How you can read important information about foundations that will make you a wiser homeowner - Why it's absolutely necessary to work closely with your local building department when adding on to your home   Visit us at Front Porch Ideas and More for a complete porch portal: amazing porch pictures, tutorials, DIYs and designs. Thank you!
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