12 minutes | Sep 19, 2017

Poplar Cove: The Podcast - S1E6.5

Poplar Cove: The Podcast - S1E6.5 “Broadcast Interruption”   In which there is a broadcast interruption by the Outer Gods, we hear about the commencement of the Preparation Festival, have some R’yleh Bull, Yig takes you to the F&W Café, meet honorary Poplar Covian and physics expert Thomas, and go to the movies with Hobert and Elizabeth.   I’d like to thank Cambo Ford, Candice Ludlow, and Sean Riley for sharing their lovely voices for our interim episode today.   Cambo Ford is the host of True Crime Island. You can find his podcast here: https://www.truecrimeisland.com/episodes/   Candice Ludlow is a professional voice actor and audio producer that can be found at her website: https://www.candiceludlow.com/   Sean Riley is the host of the Second Acts Podcast and can be found at: www.facebook.com/fightingbelle and www.facebook.com/secondactspodcast   Today’s podcast trailers were Physical Attraction (which is a quirky, and informative physics podcast that I absolutely adore) and The Lovecraft Covenant (which is a new audio drama that’s full of suspense, mystery, and talented voice actors). Besides the two trailers, all of the music in today’s skits were composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod.   Physical Attraction: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/physicspod/ Website: http://physicalattraction.libsyn.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/physicspod   The Lovecraft Covenant: Twitter -- @LovecraftCoven FB -- @LovecraftCovenant Website: https://www.lovecraftcovenant.com/about/  
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