68 minutes | Oct 31, 2018

The Thriller Episode

Zyp and I are pretty well split down the middle as far as episodes following a particular theme coinciding with an event like Christmas, Easter, President’s Day, or Hallowe’en. Well it’s Hallowe’en currently as I am writing this and I am sitting on my couch in the dark with all the lights out because we have a zillion dogs and each time someone sets foot on our porch my house echoes like an SPCA. No offense to any of the trick or treaters out there, you do your thing, I’ve got podcasts to post. So this month Zyp wanted to feature one of his favourite albums, Michael Jackson’s Thriller to start and end our journey. I also love that album and it fits the October 31st delivery date so here we are. If you aren’t familiar, Thriller is the best-selling album of ALL TIME. It yields about a number of dogs I own amount of connections so it’s perfect for our PopCycle focus. While we are out collecting connections door-to-door on this we end up chatting with Karen Unland, the president and founder of the Alberta Podcast Network (powered by ATB) and co-host of That’s a Thing?! with her daughter, Elizabeth, a fantbulous podcast also on the network. She schools us in the most “ground-breaking” of ominous topics that really ties the spooky subject together. In this episode we also talk about Chip Tunes! Those are the wonderful 8-bit ditties, as Zyp puts it, the bleeps, blops, and blorps that compliment some of our favourite video games from the 70s and 80s and into the 90s.   We hope you enjoy this scary offering this month. Next month we’ll be talking about the Nerf toy line with it’s inventor, Reyn Guyer!
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