50 minutes | Apr 2, 2019

Poop Culture 182 - Poop News - April 2019

The Poop news crew is back in action this week with another epic poop news dump were we span the globe to bring you the constant variety of crap you did not know you didn't need to know! Nick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft are once again your rancid reporters' rant and rave over the mishaps and misfortunes of others. We take our weekly trip to Florida where the sun is always brighter but the news is not! We explore some of the outrageous items confiscated by the TSA. You will never guess what a man had in his lap when he was pulled over, and Mancrush recounts a creepy story that happened to him. From Burger King to Beastiality to Brutus The Barber Beefcake, we cover everything in this can't miss an episode of Poop News on Poop Culture!
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