48 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

Men don’t talk about mental health: myth or masculine trait? | Tim Boughton

Today’s question is “Men don’t talk about mental health: myth or masculine trait?” and I’m in conversation with Tim Boughton

Tim left the military in 2008 having been both an Army Officer and a Commando Pilot in the Fleet Air Arm. Since leaving in 2008 he has been in the financial sector in London where he has looked after the interests of some of the worlds wealthiest people as an advisor and friend. Through this, he has seen the stress and strain that both wealth and responsibility bring; further, through his own experiences of mental health, he has spent 10 years providing a platform that others may be heard.

As an advisor to Parliament, the Military and other organisations he is seen as a voice in the mental health space. He was Knighted in 2014 for his service to the Caribbean Realms, made a Commander of the Order of St John for his tireless work for charities and has mentored those with mental health issues across the social and economic strata. He is a Trustee of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and has previously held roles on the boards of some of the biggest charities in the United Kingdom. 

Tim is passionate about how we understand Mental Health and how we obtain a resilient state to help us through life using examples through his own journey.

Website: https://eleospartnership.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColTimB

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timboughtonkcn/

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