57 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

Could rap be the antidote to stigma when it comes to mental illness? | Emma Charlton & Joel McIlvern

Today’s question is "Could rap be the antidote to stigma when it comes to mental illness?" And I’m in conversation with Emma Charlton and Joel McIlven

Here’s a link to the Stress on the Brain rap video that inspired our conversation: 


 Other links: 

 The school Joel works for, where the students who recorded the Stress on the Brain at are from - URL: https://newrivercollege.co.uk

The youth project, who were the artistic partner in this project, and absolutely key to its success: https://www.soapboxislington.org.uk (part of the charity Dragon Hall)

Emma’s organisation - an Islington community organisation - https://www.peelinstitute.org.uk - https://twitter.com/PeelInstitute

The industry artists who worked with the young people - they are the reason the quality is so high! 

Producer https://twitter.com/misterleesmusic
- http://www.youtube.com/misterleesmusic

Editor https://twitter.com/MikeyBharj  - http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeybharj

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