31 minutes | Mar 11, 2021

The Tangible Pixel

Microsoft shows Cirque du Soleil in mixed reality. (https://yhoo.it/3b9HWPE)  CodeMiko Is The Future Of Streaming, Unless Twitch Bans Her First - (https://bit.ly/2O6tmQp)  Create state-of-the-art car cockpits with Elektrobit’s EB GUIDE and Unity - (https://bit.ly/3biKISW)  Criminals can’t hide from the eye in the sky (Democratic Alliance) - (http://bit.ly/2MVhsIA) Africans Are Being Empowered to Write and Edit Wikipedia Articles About Their Own Countries and Culture - (http://bit.ly/2MQwsau) Facebook uses one billion Instagram photos to build massive object-recognition AI that partly trained itself - (http://bit.ly/3kQwImm) To Fortify With Iron, Ingenious Metal Fish Soaked in Soup Provides Nutrition And is Much Cheaper Than Pills - (https://bit.ly/38epq6W) and (http://bit.ly/38hkRsD) 
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