28 minutes | Mar 19, 2021

018: Jamey Agathen - Grow Strong Industries

Grow Strong Industries’ mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all people to grow indoors effortlessly.
Since they founded in 2002, Grow Strong Industries has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering a single product, now offer multiple products - including grow tents, LED lighting, hydroponics systems, and nutrients - all suitable for indoor growing. Starting from three lifelong friends in their garage, they now have an army of employees and an office to call their own.

More about Jamey:
Email: jamey@growstrongindustries.com
Website: https://www.growstrongindustries.com

More about Joe Swartz:
Website: https://amhydro.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HydroConsultant

More about Nick Greens:
Website: https://www.nickgreens.com

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