68 minutes | Mar 3rd 2019

Ep. 5 Real Food For Pregnancy with Lily Nichols RDN

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Lily Nichols Registered Dietician and Nutritionist and best selling author of Real Food for Pregnancy joins me to chat about the huge and ever evolving field of prepartum and postpartum nutrition. Lily is extremely research based and she is passionate about getting the word out to everyone about real food. We discuss a lot of things and yet only scratch the surface. Topics included:

- Myths of nutrition for pregnancy

- A need for nutritional standard revision especially for pregnant and postpartum women (US and Australia have many similarities) 

- The importance of good saturated fats

- Many extremely important nutrients such as B12, Glycine, Choline, Vit K12, Iron, Zinc, DHA, Vit A - the crucial role they play and where to find some of them

- Traditional fertility wisdom, Nourishing Traditions & Western A. Price

- Postpartum health, nutrition, mental health, community supports, cultural care

- Epi genetics, how what your Great Grand Mother ate impacts you and how your health now not only impacts your children but future generations


Lily's Website - Real Food for Pregnancy, theres a bunch of resources, freebies and great blog!



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Mentioned in podcast:

Nourishing Traditions

Western A. Price Foundation

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