62 minutes | Aug 15, 2020

Ep. 34 Nigerian postpartum care practices, exploring the whys of tradition and finding individual balance today, empowered womanhood, motherhood and life, Montessori education

Rahma Yelwa-Adedji, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, doula, story teller, Nigerian woman living in Abudja. Gifted in her expression Rahma shares with us her heartfelt story of motherhood, having grown up with mothercare practises all around her and going on a learning journey to more deeply understand the whys behind the tradition to maintain them in our current world. We discuss: - Rahma’s observations as a teacher on how important it is to support parents to support children - The importance of giving meaning and understanding the why of traditional postpartum care practises - The importance of reclaiming and revitalising postpartum care culture - Connecting with traditional plant medicine - Similarities of Nigerian postpartum care and other world traditions and how understanding the core human needs of a Mother can guide your care practice - Empowered life and motherhood, her beliefs and a Muslim woman and her connection with Montessori philosophy and education - A brief history of Montessori education and why Rahma has been called to this type of education Follow Rahma at her Instagram page To find out more about me and Pollination Mamas Website - Instagram - Facebook Podcast Sponsor - Olive Gap Farm ’The Littlest Birds' The gorgeous song features on the intro and outro Performed by: The O’Luca Family Band from Olive Gap Farm; Alex (Dad) - Drums/Vocals, Tara (Mum) - Vocals/Guitar, Olive (13) - Violin/Vocals, April (11) - Cello/Vocals, Cedar (8) - Percussion/Vocals Song: Originally performed by The Be Good Tanyas. Written by: Samantha Parton and Jolie Holland. Released 2000. Generously sponsored by Olive Gap Farm, certified organic family farm specialising in small batch native essential oils and seasonal cut flowers. Located on Bundjalang Country in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. Drawing inspiration from various sustainable farming practices, aiming to create the highest quality products available that are equally nourishing to us, our customers and the earth. Olive Gap Farm Website – Instagram Perhaps you too feel a calling to work with new mothers as a postpartum care provider in the special postpartum window, we discuss the INNATE postpartum care training  Newborn Mothers affiliate link (from ad) Disclaimer: The contents of this podcast do not constitute medical or professional advice, do not reflect the opinions of this business, any of its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, promotional sponsors, or advertising agencies, and do not create any type of patient-physician relationship or other professional relationship between the audience and presenters.  No person viewing any podcast from this website should act or refrain from acting on the basis of the content of a podcast without first seeking appropriate professional advice and/or counselling, nor shall the information be used as a substitute for professional advice and/or counselling.  Pollination Mamas expressly disclaims any and all liability relating to any actions taken or not taken based on any or all contents of this site.
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