74 minutes | Dec 15, 2019

Ep. 23 Matrescence, holistic maternal health in medicine, postpartum community care and recovery with Oscar Serrallach author of the Postpartum Depletion Cure

Oscar Serrallach is a, father, partner, integrative GP, student of nutritional and environmental medicine and well known author of the book The Postpartum Depletion Cure. In this podcast Oscar shares his passion, experience and wealth of knowledge around Matrescence - the transition into motherhood, postpartum health and how we can optimise mothers health in our communities both in the field of medicine and as we re-build the village. There is something for everyone, mothers, fathers, doula. midwives, health professionals and wider community. We discuss: - Long term health of our mothers - how depletion symptoms can show up many years after birth in physical, mental and emotional health - Postpartum health, hormones and nutrition - The modern context of traditional postpartum care - Postpartum mental health, depression, depletion - the differences, overlaps - Matrescence - the transition from maiden to mother as an upgrade - Patrescence - the transition of men into fathers, partners into parents - The "it takes a village to support a mother and child" factor - The Mothercare Project Links to connect with Oscar's work: Website Facebook Instagram Mothercare Project Link to find out more about the Newborn Mothers affiliate ad  The contents of this podcast do not constitute medical or professional advice, do not reflect the opinions of this business, any of its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, promotional sponsors, or advertising agencies, and do not create any type of patient-physician relationship or other professional relationship between the audience and presenters.  No person viewing any podcast from this website should act or refrain from acting on the basis of the content of a podcast without first seeking appropriate professional advice and/or counselling, nor shall the information be used as a substitute for professional advice and/or counselling.  Pollination Mamas expressly disclaims any and all liability relating to any actions taken or not taken based on any or all contents of this site.
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