33 minutes | Mar 20th 2020

Douglas Shadle | Anthony Philip Heinrich and the American Symphonic Landscape

Musicologist and author Dr. Douglas Shadle traces the origins of American symphonic music through the experiences of Anthony Philip Heinrich, William Henry Fry, and George Frederick Bristow. These composers were contemporaries of many of Europe's classical music masters, yet they were shut out of symphonic music halls in the their own country. Join us as we explore what happened to change the trajectory of American symphonic history. Featuring Dr. William GibbonsExcerpts from sound recordings The Ornithological Combat of Kings/Night in the Tropics and The Wind Demon, from New World Records (p) & © 1978 Anthology of Recorded Music, Inc. Used by permission.www.newworldrecords.org/products/anthony-philip-heinrich-louis-moreau-gottschalk
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