50 minutes | Jun 8, 2020

Trust in the Time of Coronavirus

This week, Rafael Behr talks to Bobby Duffy from The Policy Institute at King's College London about trust in the government during the Coronavirus pandemic and how our identities and cognitive biases affect who we trust in politics. Topics discussed in order 1-4 Fall-out from Dominic Cummings; Public health messaging during lock-down; Stats coronavirus tests it says it’s been carrying out; Bobby Duffy conversation starts 5-10 King's College new report; support for the government coming out of the lock-down; How identities influence how we view the government's response to the pandemic; Growth of tribal identities; Conflict extension theory; Potential for a culture war like the US? 10.30 Connections between leave/remain tribes and trust in how govt. is dealing with Coronavirus; National pride; Confirmation bias How do political identity and self-preservation interact? 14 How good are we at assessing risk? Emotional innumeracy 17.40 Good that we overestimate risk in such scenarios? System 1 v System 2 thinkin;g Do politicians exploit our ‘faulty thinking’? 21 Do we understand reality more or less than the 1940s? 22 Deliberative democracy; What is it? Is it underused? 24 Eire using DD before their 2018 abortion referendum; Is context important? 29 Has trust in politicians declined recently? Is it rational not to trust politicians? 31 Do we suffer from rosy retrospection? Does identity come before people’s politics? 36 Progressives, facts and trust; Moral outlook and who we trust How Trump communicates trust via a distorted view of reality. 40 How will we look back at our unity at the start of the lock-down? room for optimism? optimism/uncertainty about how we come out of Coronavirus; generational conflict? 48 In conclusion 49 End https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/declining-confidence-in-governments-covid-response Perils of Perception
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