52 minutes | May 15th 2016

002: Liberty.me, Foundation for Economic Education, How Technology Makes Us More Free with Jeffrey Tucker

In this episode I talk with Jeffrey Tucker the founder of Liberty.me and director of digital development for the Foundation for Economic Education.  Jeffrey has dedicated his life to advancing the idea of Liberty. Jeffrey and I dive into many topics including the tendency for society to direct toward an authoritarian state, how technology such as bitcoin, AirBnB, the sharing economy and the internet in general helps us break free from an authoritarian state and how liberty has flourished in the past and how it is growing again today. Liberty.me which is one of Jeffrey's current projects is a liberty minded community and platform to publish work including blogs, podcasts and video into a community.  In addition with the community we can leverage Search Engine Optimization to help spread the message of liberty. Liberty Flame of the Week: Immigration. Jeffrey goes into his thoughts on how immigration should be handled from a liberty perspective. How to Get Involved: Start a meetup, check out Jeffrey Tucker's article on Fee.org Resources Mentioned Liberty.me Fee.org Book: Bit by Bit: How P2P Is Freeing the World Bitcoin Wikipedia Entry