44 minutes | Oct 27, 2021

Strongmen — Part 2

To unlock exclusive content, visit: https://politicology.com/plusIn the second part of this two-episode conversation, NYU Professor of History and Italian Studies Ruth Ben-Ghiat joins Ron Steslow to discuss her book Strongmen and what we can learn from the history of autocrats and those who stood up to them. (01:13) The American rights obsession with Orban(05:02) How authoritarians have used elections to come to power(08:11) January 6th and how it will serve as a touchstone for the American authoritarian movement(18:31) Trump’s recent rallies and how they fit into the patterns of authoritarians(26:53) The ways people have pushed back against authoritarians and what we can do nowPurchase Strongmen: https://wwnorton.com/books/strongmenPoliticology is supported by listeners like you. Can you pitch in right now at https://politicology.com/donate?Follow Ruth and Ron on Twitter:https://twitter.com/ruthbenghiathttps://twitter.com/RonSteslow
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