60 minutes | May 15th 2016

Episode 006 | Politely Up Yours - Rights

Dave Rael and Joe Macaluso discuss rights and come to an agreement on what rights are. The conversation uses healthcare as an example to explore what is and isn't a right and goes through many examples. Ultimately, the question whether citizens are slaves of the state is addressed with a thought exercise. Chapters: 0:22 - Book Club - Man, Economy, and State1:06 - Psychic Revenue2:00 - Exchange and the division of labor4:06 - Buying the same goods from different suppliers: different goods rather than same goods with different pricing considerations?7:53 - What are rights?8:48 - Right to free healthcare?11:38 - What is healthcare?13:43 - More clarity on the nature of rights15:47 - The theistic terminology of the US Declaration of Independence16:55 - The nature of the "right to life" and relevance for medical care21:28 - Are medical care providers forced to provide care?24:27 - Charity, marginal utiilty, and insurance28:13 - Philosophy and government providing where individuals cannot32:32 - Conclusion regarding the nature of rights34:33 - Application of the term "right to eduction"35:03 - Voting rights36:00 - The US Bill of Rights and gun ownership rights38:52 - Establishment of ownership and homesteading41:15 - Unfairness45:37 - The reality or unreality of an impartial arbiter46:44 - Good enough government49:38 - Membership in government as voluntary? The example of the secession of the southern states52:03 - The imperfect nature of the American system of government53:17 - Slave of the state? Resources: Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, Scholar's Edition - Murray N. Rothbard Bernie Sanders on the Right to Healthcare A respectful ideological collision between Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul United States Declaration of Independence "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." (may not have been Mark Twain) Homestead Acts Homesteading
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