43 minutes | May 8th 2016

Episode 005 | Politely Up Yours - Free Society

Joe Macaluso and Dave Rael discuss and try to define a free society and what it would look like. They go deep on thinking about a society without government and whether it would work and speculate on how. Chapters: 0:12 - Book Club - Book Club: Man, Economy, and State1:10 - Transition in Rothbard from individual actors to societal interactions3:10 - The "choice to be a slave"5:55 - From hegemonic association to voluntarism9:39 - What is a free society?13:47 - Preventing coercion in a free society17:53 - Allowing society to prioritize their own defense as they see fit20:46 - Parenting and a free society and the treatment of children23:22 - Nature vs nurture and behavior modification27:16 - Self-defense, criminal justice, and vengeance30:40 - Early man and origins of states, motivations for being told what to do33:33 - Really living vs a sheltered life34:21 - Marriage39:03 - Is a free society possible? Resources: Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, Scholar's Edition - Murray N. Rothbard Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl One man, one vote Behavior Modification Criminal Justice 1 Samuel 8: Israel Asks For a King 5 monkeys : because we have always done it that way
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