45 minutes | May 2nd 2016

Episode 004 | Politely Up Yours - Discrimination

Dave Rael and Joe Macaluso discuss the nature and acceptability/unacceptability of discrimination. The discussion touches on freedom of association, remedies for unreasonable discrimination, and becoming that which we claim to oppose. Chapters: 0:26 - Book Club: Man, Economy, and State3:01 - Rationality of decisions of individual actors?5:39 - Incompleteness of information7:31 - Consumer goods and producer goods8:39 - Our main topic of the day - Sexuality as illustration of the acceptability of discrimination11:19 - What is discrimination?14:34 - The example of a baker discriminating based on not wanting to bake a cake for a gay couple15:35 - Liberty - Freedom of association16:42 - Institutionalization of discrimination19:42 - Discrimination in employment and livelihood24:21 - The importance or nonimportance of membership in a group and how to approach judgement on color of skin27:51 - The futility of persuasion29:46 - The present and future of "runaway" discrimination34:08 - The primacy of sensitivity, empathy, and better parenting37:19 - Reciprocation of open-mindedness and freedom of association39:18 - Becoming the thing we claim to oppose Resources: Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, Scholar's Edition - Murray N. Rothbard Oregon Wedding Cake Controversy Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 "I have a dream" speech - Martin Luther King
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