39 minutes | Apr 19th 2016

Episode 002 | Politely Up Yours - Hacker Vitriol

Dave Rael and Joe Macaluso use reports that the hacker group, Anonymous, targeted Donald Trump as a starting point to discuss vitriol, discourse, power, and emotion Chapters: 0:12 - Introduction of our topic - the level of discourse and attacks by Anonymous on Donald Trump1:07 - Reactions to reports of Anonymous attacking Donald Trump - would such actions be a fight for freedom or an immoral act?3:40 - Thoughts on the nature of Donald Trump4:21 - Nuance regarding the Trump rhetoric and statements regarding Islam and Muslims9:05 - Trump supporters and the ignorance of American voters - Trump's statements and the presence or absence of content (any different from any politician?)11:25 - Is there a difference between Donald Trump's preying on fear and the underlying draw of other politicians? Is there a difference between the parties?15:31 - Bernie Sanders - is he different?16:33 - The thoughts of Scott Adams on Donald Trump as the master persuader and the primacy of emotion in decisions20:11 - "Vitriol rules" - the absence of civil discourse23:38 - Are personal attacks justified?25:25 - Breaking the law, the nature of law, and the morality of attacks27:34 - Batman, justice and penal systems, and vengeance vs. defense29:48 - The Electoral College, protection from self, and the utility/futility of trying to contribute to the determination of representatives Resources: Anonymous Declares Total War on Donald Trump *MARCH 2016* Anti-Trump campaign sparks civil war among Anonymous hackers Bill Maher on Islam: The More People Know About Islam The More You Would Be Afraid Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy Ferguson unrest 2015 Baltimore protests Scott Adams on Donald Trump, The Master Persuader Amygdala Why does the Electoral College exist? Mob Mentality Jimmy Carter: ‘I would choose Trump’
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