52 minutes | Apr 18th 2016

Episode 001 | Politely Up Yours - Democracy Is a Disaster

Dave Rael and Joe Macaluso dive into the nature of democracy, government, power, and corruption Chapters: 0:01 - Welcome and Hello0:59 - Inflammatory statement and opening to the discussion: Democracy is a disaster3:52 - Incentives, alignment, intent, and reality6:32 - Distinguishing levels of government8:23 - Legalization of marijuana and the criminality of possession9:42 - Citizens United, Bernie Sanders, and the power to overturn10:54 - The nature of democracy11:52 - “A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” - Gary Strand12:24 - The purpose and nature of government16:02 - Rational and legitimate fears19:17 - The concentration of force as response to the fear of force21:55 - Intent of the US Constitution22:46 - How government finances itself and use of force25:50 - Dave compares government to Mafia26:59 - Pragmatic concerns in public vs. private sector29:33 - Government making things more effective and efficient - reality or fiction?31:14 - The myth of the free market and "money in politics" vs. "politics in money"33:31 - Decision makers vs. freedom, vigilante justice, and anarchy37:21 - The Star Wars story of the rise and reign of Palpatine as illustrative of reality40:15 - Elections as popularity contests42:22 - Evolution of societal structure46:39 - The utility or futility of trying to use the system to make improvements Resources: Decmoracy According to Wikipedia Bernie Sanders on Money In Politics and Overturning Citizens United Gary Strand on Democracy, Wolves, and Lamb Government According to Wikipedia Government as Monopoly on Violence The Federalist No. 51 - James Madison - "If men were angels ..." United States Contitution The Laws of Thermodynaics Local Maximum
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