97 minutes | Jun 9, 2016

Episode 22: Codename Neo, Gaming in 10 years, Trials in Destiny's Trials

DISCLAIMER: THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED THE LAST WEEK OF APRIL! Pretty outdated news, but oh well. We were too busy to edit and upload it, so we apologize for that. Otherwise, some of this is still relevant. We talk about the PS4K, No Man's Sky, why we won't see Tekken x Street Fighter anytime soon, and a couple of sales numbers in the news. Our topic of discussion is where do we see gaming in 10 years? Will VR rule all (probably not)? Things of that sort. Again, since this is an old episode, we talk about PS4's free game, Zombi, and our impressions of it. We also talk about a pretty interesting game called 'Catlateral Damage.' The episode ends the same way our earlier episodes did; with a discussion on Destiny. Where do you see gaming in 10 years? How infinite is No Man's Sky, REALLY? Do you even still play Destiny? Let us know on Twitter @PolarOculus!
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