82 minutes | Mar 24, 2016

Episode 19: SFV Rage Quitters, Trophy Talk, and Broforce

We had a lot to talk about this episode. We open up with talk about a possible PS4 Powerglove. Then we talk about some updates coming to games that are out, specifically Street Fighter V, and Rock Band 4 (RB4). SFV will be punishes rage quitters and RB4 might be coming to PC! A big discussion about trophies/achievements breaks out in this Podcast, too. To end it, we talk about this month's free PS+ game, Broforce. Do you want a new PS4 peripheral? Do you like trophies? What trophy are you most proud of? Are you a bro? If so, get out. If not, let us know on twitter @PolarOculus!
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