2 minutes | Nov 11, 2019

I Finished My Homework – Podcast Episode

Do you ever feel like your teacher assigns way too much homework? Do you wish it didn’t take so long, or that there was an easier way to do it? My book When the Teacher Isn’t Looking contains about 50 poems about all the silly things that happen at school, including Homework, I Love You, My Dog Does My Homework, My Computer Ate My Homework, and this one. Of course, it’s not likely you have so much homework that you have to stay up all night to do it. So, this poem is a bit of an exaggeration. But, even though you probably never get as much homework as the kid in this poem, it may feel like it sometimes. You may not be able to change how much homework your teacher assigns, but what you can do is laugh at it. I hope this poem helps. I Finished My Homework I finished my homework. It took me all night. I tried to make sure I got everything right. I read every chapter the teacher assigned. My eyes grew so bleary I nearly went blind. I studied each problem until my eyes burned. Researched each detail, leaving no stone unturned. I finished my reading and got out my pen and pulled up a chair at my desk in the den. I answered each question. I checked every one. I wrote out my essays. At last I was done. By eight in the morning I’d run out of fuel. I packed up my backpack and headed to school. I handed the teacher my homework, and then I noticed, embarrassed, I’d used the wrong pen. The teacher looked puzzled. I felt my heart sink. I’d used my trick pen with invisible ink. — Kenn Nesbitt
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