4 minutes | Sep 20, 2020

The one thing you should never do on your podcast

I can’t believe I’ve had to dedicate an entire episode to this but the fact I’ve heard it twice is two times too many so here we go!In this episode, I’m getting on my soapbox and sharing the one thing I don’t think you should EVER do on a podcast.It might seem obvious but people are still doing it and since this show is all about best-practice podcasting it’s time to call out this massive podcasting no-no.Check out the full episode show notes: https://rachelcorbett.com.au/what-not-to-do-on-a-podcast/About me…My name is Rachel Corbett and I've worked professionally for almost two decades in radio and podcasting. I've hosted and produced shows for some of the biggest radio networks in Australia, created three of my own independent podcasts and I was Head of Podcasts for Mamamia, the largest women's podcast network in the world.At Mamamia, I grew the podcast network from 15 to over 35 shows, the team from two to nine producers and the audience to over 1 million unique listeners a month and over 90 million downloads which is more than quadruple where it was when I started.I've also hosted over ten podcasts with more than 2 million downloads including Lady Startup, Eligible, Before The Bump and You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere. You can find all my podcasts at rachelcorbett.com.au/podcasts.I've taught radio and podcasting at the Australia Film Television and Radio School and have my own online podcasting course, PodSchool, so if you're looking for someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to pods, you've come to the right place.Resources...Podcasting guide: podcastguide.com.auOnline podcasting course: podschool.com.auContact...Twitter: @RachelCorbettFacebook: @RachCorbettInstagram: @_RachelCorbett & @podschoolWebsite: www.rachelcorbett.com
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