13 minutes | Oct 4, 2020

How to set yourself up for podcasting success

If you want to launch a successful podcast there are a lot of things you need to think about both before you get started and once your show is live.Making your podcast a success takes a lot of hard work and consistency in both creating content and promoting it. So how can you make sure you give yourself the best chance of nailing it?In this episode I take you through some really practical ways to improve your chances of podcast success so you don’t become one of the millions of shows that podfade into oblivion.Check out the full episode show notes: https://rachelcorbett.com.au/podcast-success/About me…My name is Rachel Corbett and I've worked professionally for almost two decades in radio and podcasting. I've worked in front of the mic hosting and presenting radio shows for some of the biggest networks in Australia and I’ve been at the helm of over ten podcasts including Lady Startup, Eligible, Before The Bump, You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere and Google APAC’s first podcast, Rethink.You can find all my podcasts at rachelcorbett.com.au/podcasts.I’ve also worked behind the mic as Head of Podcasts for Mamamia, where I grew the podcast network from 15 to over 35 shows, the team from two to nine producers and quadrupled the audience to over 90 million downloads and over one million unique listeners a month.I’m currently Head of Podcasts & Digital Content at Nova Entertainment and Founder of the best practice online podcasting course, PodSchool.So, if you're looking for someone who knows about podcasting, you've come to the right place.tResources...Podcasting guide: podcastguide.com.auOnline podcasting course: podschool.com.auContact...Twitter: @RachelCorbettFacebook: @RachCorbettInstagram: @_RachelCorbett & @podschoolWebsite: www.rachelcorbett.com
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