45 minutes | Oct 2nd 2020

104 - Jay Henderson Don't Hire Sub-Par Team Members

Jay Henderson is the author of The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Superstars. His company Real Talent Hiring, is dedicated to helping employers take the guesswork out of people performance using the Real Talent System—the only objective metric system of its kind in the world.

He has a passion for sports psychology and high-performance training, and he takes a scientific approach that measures how people think and how they make decisions. In contrast, most evaluations are use behaviour tools. 

Understanding how your potential hire thinks and makes decisions is THE key difference in hiring accuracy, training and team development… ultimately, leading to your success.

On this episode we discuss:

  • People don't take action until they make a decision, and you can't decide until you analyse what you perceive around you. 
  • The order is Perception, Analyses, Decision, Action.
  • As we get older, we become more mature, but our biases are relatively unchanged. Think of family members who have never changed since you've known them.
  • Employing people is no different. You cannot change employees; in fact, they can become worse over time as they get more comfortable. 
  • Why your brain won't let you be someone you are not, but you can change your self-image. It's like dipping a blanket in a dye; you may need to do it several times until every fibre has taken on the new colour. And some reapplication may be required. 
  • Why comfort zones are comfortable

"Think of your mindset like a rubber band stretched upwards and downwards between your hands. It can snap back down to your reality, where you are now because that's where you're comfortable, or your current reality can snap up to your vision. The one that wins is the one that's most dominant in our minds and emotions". 

  • The power of visualisation, in sport and life. Visualisation is like dipping the blanket. 
  • The role dissatisfaction plays in snapping you up towards your vision.  
  • Why hiring the wrong person can damage your whole team.
  • When it comes to employing someone, you should do it the same way you would market your business looking for the ideal patient. 
  • Why you need to have a careers page on your website, you should always be in recruitment mode. 

Final Tip

It's really important that you value yourself. Give yourself the gift of taking care of the important things in your business, and do not hire sub-par team members. 

"How we think about ourselves is reflected in how we run our business."

And on a final note, stop telling yourself the story that there's no one available or there are no good people to employ. This is a negative mindset. 

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at tf@tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Jay Henderson at jay@realtalenthiring.com and don't forget if you sent Jay an email you can request free templates, just put Perfect Gift in the subject line. 

Podiatry Business Coaching

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  • Systems - You need systems that will support your marketing strategy and your team.
  • Team - You need to develop a team culture that makes your work-life balance easier, not harder. 
  • Diary - Your diary needs to be structured in a way that maximises patient numbers and increases daily profits. 

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