13 minutes | Dec 17, 2015

050: Dr Jeanette Cates - Practices of the Productive Author

In this episode Dr. Jeanette Cates talks about the Practices of the Productive author. A productive author is a prolific author. And a prolific author is a profitable author. You'll exit this episode with a ton of ideas that you can use immediately! To access the entire Reach More Readers podcast series, head over to: http://ReachMoreReaders.com/info About Jeanette: Jeanette is a productivity NUT! She has spent all of her adult life finding faster, easier ways to do things. And she shares her tips in several of her books and many information products. Jeanette is a best-selling author with more than half of her 15 plus books earning Best-Seller status. With an average of a new book every two months, Jeanette applies her productivity systems in her book publishing business. She is a respected, long-term member of the online business community. Her ability to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner has earned her the title of "The Technology Tamer." To learn more with Jeanette, check out her program: The Idea Organization System http://reachmorereaders.com/toolkit You can also join Jeanette and other guest experts at the Productivity Challenge for Authors. For details head over to: http://reachmorereaders.com/insiders
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