15 minutes | Oct 1, 2015

038: Donna K. Fitch - Expand Your Author Presence

When asked what she feels is the most powerful way for authors to reach more readers, Donna responded with, "I think that is through developing their author presence. You might want to call it your author platform. Let me explain a little bit about what I mean by that. When I was growing up in Huntsville, Alabama I heard something that I don’t think most kids growing up get to hear. That is the sound of rocket engines being tested on a daily basis. Huntsville was the home of Redstone Arsenal, as well as NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. From an early age I was very intrigued and interested in the space flight and travel. You’re probably thinking, “What does that have to do with an author platform?” When you think about pictures that you’ve seen on TV or on the internet of rockets and rocket engines, they’re always enveloped with a framework or a structure that enables those rockets to blast off from a stable platform. To me, that’s what your author platform is. It’s something that gives you a basis for blasting off into the realm of your hopes and dreams that you can then share with other people and help them with their hopes and dreams. I think that basic platform is made of your website, your social media, and your email platform." Donna goes on to share her favorite productivity tip, and much more. Enjoy! Join Donna and 15 other guest experts at the Reach More Readers Virtual Summit at: http://ReachMoreReaders.com/event or http://ReachMoreReaders.com/register
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