15 minutes | Sep 29, 2015

037: Brian Jud - Sell Books to Non-Bookstore Buyers

When asked what Brian feels is the most powerful way to reach more readers, he responded with: "Probably in a way that you might not expect, in the sense that it’s not through bookstores or to retailers, it’s through corporations, through companies that try to reach or who have customers who are in fact your readers and you can reach them in that way. For example, we’re working with a bank that wants to reward its customers, prospects, and employees. We’re setting a separate landing page for this bank and it looks like their page but it’s really populated with books. They buy 1,000 of these onetime use codes and give them out to people. So the readers get the books for free, the bank gets the credit for giving it to them free, and we get paid. That’s a way of reaching a large number of readers in a very short period of time. The way of going through a company or an association to get them to distribute your information or your books to large quantities of readers. For example, if you have an association that is applicable to your content or your content is applicable to the cause of the association, then you can go to their membership chair or to their newsletter editor and get the newsletter editor to do a review on your book. It may go out as a review or as an article by you in their newsletter and you might reach 100,000 people and then the bookstore on the association’s website could sell it to them. My technique for reaching readers is somewhere circuitous, it’s through these other people who you use as distributors but they don’t function as a typical bookstore distributor. You can also do that through the military and through schools. Not public schools, because that approval process can be very laborious. If you can go to homeschooling or the Department of Defense runs 200 schools outside the U.S., their decision process is much more fast and less complicated than the public schools. If you can just think about who your reader is and how you can reach that person, perhaps through someone else. One, the books are nonreturnable and their purchased in large quantities so you become more profitable. When you print 10,000 books for a company to use the unit cost drops significantly. What you can do is if you have an order for 10,000 books, the price for printing 10,000 is much less than printing 1,000, but if you add an extra 1,000 books onto that order for 10,000 so you print 11,000 you get that extra 1,000 to keep in your inventory at a much lower price. You can extend that by becoming more profitable by getting books to your readers in a different way." Brian goes on to share his favorite productivity tip and much more! Join Brian and 15 other guest experts at the Reach More Readers Virtual Summit at: http://ReachMoreReaders.com/event or http://ReachMoreReaders.com/register
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