15 minutes | Sep 13, 2015

034: Sandra Beckwith - Reach More Readers Through Guest Blogging

In this episode Sandra Beckwith shares powerful strategies for reaching more readers through guest blogging. Here's what Sandra has to say about Guest Blogging: "I think one of the best ways for authors to reach more readers is actually by doing guest blog posts. Writing articles for the blogs of other bloggers, bloggers who reach their target audience. It’s a great way to give people a sample of your writing. It’s a great way to showcase what you know. It’s a really great way to reach readers who you wouldn’t find if you kept your writing confined to your own blog. Guest blogging is when you identify blogs that are relevant to your topic; blogs that not only are relevant to your topic, but that reach the same audience that you’re going after. You start by doing a little research. Who out there is communicating with the people I want to reach with my message? You do the research and you build, if you can, a little database, whether it’s a Word table or an Excel file. Start to identify those bloggers and then you study the kinds of content they use. Do they use guest blog posts? When they do, what do those guest blog posts look like? Are they essays, are they how-to pieces, are they instructional? What do they look like? Once you start to see some blogs that are a good fit for what you do and who you want to reach, then you reach out to them and offer to write an article for their blog. That article is called a guest blog post. When you reach out you’re doing this with all of this research behind you. You know what that bloggers uses, you know the topics they cover, you know the format they use. You then offer them something specifically that you think is a really good fit for your site. You can only do that once you’ve done the research to find out what it is that they use." Join Sandra and 15 other guest experts at the Reach More Readers Virtual Summit at: http://ReachMoreReaders.com/event or http://ReachMoreReaders.com/register
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