36 minutes | May 3rd 2017

Living Areas - Spiritual House Spring Cleaning - Part 6 of 8

NOTE: Please forgive the sound quality of some of these recordings! I recorded these during a time of mild hardship, but remained obedient to The Lord in recording on my iPhone and publishing these messages at times from the library (where we're supposed to be quiet... Sshhh!) and other times, from my car (during the sunshine or rain)!

So, please enjoy listening past all of the side effects of that because... This is Your time! Your time to move forward! Your time to experience your heart's desires as they are aligned with the Heart of God! It's the time you've been waiting for and it has finally come! And, this 8-week series on Spiritual House Spring Cleaning will help you begin a journey to ensure nothing blocks your pathway or spoils your soil, so you can spring forth into all that is springing forth for you!

Listen to this episode, to:

~~ Find the secret place of true peace

~~ Take your worship to a deeper level

~~ Get and remain anchored

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