41 minutes | May 4, 2021

PFD Companion Podcast: S4E16 – Show Notes

Tee and Chuck discuss the value of show notes, some ideas and examples of what you can put in your show notes, and yes, they have some rabbit trails and odd stories to keep it fun. 00:00 Introducing show notes01:24 A couple quick examples06:32 Pingbacks07:18 Time codes10:27 Mentioning show notes14:53 What else are they?16:02 Once your done17:34 Sidebar: Our opinions of the WordPress block editor20:44 Tags and SEO27:37 Backlinks and references31:19 Scheduling vs. live35:57 Validate it!37:46 A fun story38:53 Outro Links Geek Radio DailyOvercastTechnoramaHappy Hour from the TowerBreak Point Get in touch Listener Line 703-791-1701WebsiteWatch on Twitch
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