40 minutes | Jan 19, 2021

PFD Companion Podcast: S4E09 – Podcasting on the go

Tee and Chuck discuss what it takes to record “on the road”. When you’re not in the studio, what are the challenges to getting clean audio and how can you address them? Topics IntroductionEnvironmentSidebar: Edward James OlmosHow much ambience do you want?Tee’s story about the break roomMitigating background noise with the micMonitor your recording session with headphonesUsing a pre-amp and the set up costWhat is your objective and how to haul your equipmentDigital recordersHave a backup planHearing yourself on delayTee’s story about “the break room”Addressing “the break room” scenarioTee’s story about the International Spy MuseumBackup plan specificsRF interferenceAddressing transitionsAdjusting your workflowDon’t let your lack of studio inhibit your creativityTee’s predictionsClosing Get In Touch Listener Line 703-791-1701Website https://podcastingfordummies.comWatch on Twitch https://twitch.tv/TheTeeMonster
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