8 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

The Season 3 Recap

Season 3 of Podcaster Stories has just wrapped, and in this episode I look back at the guests and the inspiring and insightful stories they shared.In episode 1, Fitz Koehler of The Fitness Show and author of the book My Noisy Cancer Comeback shared how her life changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and how she used that as a starting point for her inspiring fight against it. Listen to the full episode.In episode 2, I spoke with Roman Mironov of the be Version 2.0 of Yourself podcast. Roman talked about his work as a personal relationship coach, and the importance of defining what's healthy and non-healthy in your relationships. Listen to the full episode.Episode 3 saw me talking with my wife Jaclyn, co-host of the Mental Health and Us podcast. Jaclyn shared her 20 year battle with anxiety and depression, as well as the effect an abusive childhood had on her adult life. Listen to the full episode.In episode 4, John Adams of the DadPodUK podcast joined me to speak about his experiences as a stay at home dad for 10 years, and how Covid has changed today's generation of kids. Listen to the full episode.Episode 5 saw communications pro Paul Sutton, of the Digital Download podcast, who shared some very personal stories about his journey with mental health, the dark places he visited as a younger man, and how he's become an advocate for mental health discussions in the workplace. Listen to the full episode.James Perdue, host of the Professor of Perseverance podcast, joined me in episode 6, where he talked about being paralyzed at age 19, and the sacrifices he and his parents made to ensure he lived the fullest life he could. Listen to the full episode.In episode 7, Steven Webb of the Stillness in the Storms podcast, was incredibly open about his life struggles, from parents divorcing when he was very young, to a life-changing accident, and how he used that to forge a positive mindset that everyone can learn from. Listen to the full episode.In the final episode of season three, Lainey Cameron spoke about her experiences of being the only female senior executive in the tech world, and the toxic masculinity that inspired her to write a book drawing from these experiences. Listen to the full episode.The show will be taking a 4-week break now, but will return with Season 4 at the beginning of June.Contact me: danny@podcasterstories.comMy equipment:Electro-Voice RE320Motu M2 Audio InterfaceDenon DJ HP-1100 Over Ear HeadphonesPodcast Pro Boom Arm by Accu-Lite and O.C. WhiteRecommended resources:Captivate.fmAweber email marketingRiversideFM remote interviewingMy Podcast Reviews
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