53 minutes | Feb 25, 2021

John Adams on Changing the Conversation Around Dads in the Media

This week, I sit down with John Adams, host of DadPodUK, a fatherhood and family life podcast that shares the different, unique experiences of fatherhood.John's podcast comes from being a stay-at-home dad for 10 years, and the conversations he's had with other dads around the various challenges they face as dads in an increasingly changing world.Topics up for discussion this week include:how lockdown encouraged him to start the showthe most emotionally-charged interview he's done to datewhy he wants to change the conversations around dads in the mediahow he and his wife made the decision for John to be a stay-at-home dadhow his dad blog led to a charity event at Downing Street in Londonwhy finding guests can be a challenge for himwhy his show is so geared towards breaking down stereotypeswhy we need to be having more discussions about race and ethnicity at homehow lockdown added extra difficulties for his eldest daughter and her changing school levels why he believes Covid will offer positive opportunities for change with this generationwhy he believes flexible working should be available to parentshow lockdown has enabled a new dynamic at home for his wifehow he manages difficult conversations as a dad to two daughterswhy he feels fathers are in a strong position to talk to daughters about periods and menstruationhow different countries can be when it comes to gender equalitywhat his plans are for the future of his podcastwhere he sees Clubhouse fitting into the podcast ecosystemwhy he's in no rush to make video podcastsJoin me for an educational chat about fatherhood, fear of becoming invisible, the 21st century family dynamic, and more.Connect with John:DadPodUKDadBlogUKTwitterInstagramFacebookContact me: danny@podcasterstories.comMy equipment:Electro-Voice RE320Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen Audio InterfaceDenon DJ HP-1100 Over Ear HeadphonesPodcast Pro Boom Arm by Accu-Lite and O.C. WhiteRecommended resources:Captivate.fmAweber email marketingSquadCast remote interviewingMy Podcast Reviews
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