60 minutes | Dec 3, 2020

Catherine Praiswater of Your Positive Imprint

This week, I sit down with Catherine Praiswater of Your Positive Imprint.

Your Positive Imprint is a show that highlights people from around the world whose positive achievements are inspiring positive actions.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • why positive stories need to be told, and how her podcast came from that
  • why she views her show as a variety show
  • how a visitor to her door led to her podcast
  • why she wants to help share stories of people who'd normally wouldn't be recognized
  • how her father's passing impacted her podcast, and then ultimately helped shape it
  • why Catherine loves finding guests, and the research that goes with it
  • how a YouTube video led to an incredible conversation on her podcast
  • why the continued relationships with her guests is the favourite part of her show
  • how her guests often validate the work she's doing
  • how leaders don't look for praise, and just do what they do
  • how her life was completely changed by a visit to Lithuania
  • the feeling of desperation when she was handed a baby covered in blood
  • how life before cell phones was so different when it comes to world affairs
  • why we need to appreciate, and act on, the simple things in life
  • why we need to realize we are citizens of the world if we want to be better people
  • why Covid isn't the first time the global science community has come together to work as one
  • why Covid is a once in a lifetime chance to reset how we work together as a global community
  • why one of her guests appreciated Catherine reaching out to see how he was doing during Covid
  • how Catherine plans to scale the show with a live offering
  • her advice for new podcaster, and why truth and passion is so key
  • who her heroes are, and why
  • what her dad would have made about the show had he lived to hear it
  • how much of an influence her family continues to be on her show

Settle back for an open and free-flowing chat about life changes and recognizing our inner value.

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